Aramid fibre shears Proton®, 21 cm / 8" length

    made of C60 steel

    Aramid fibre shears Proton®, 21 cm / 8" length

    Specially lined for the heaviest-duty applications – an innovation for even better results when cutting high-performance fibres of glass, aramid and carbon.

    • High-grade hardened blades
    • Fine hand cut leaves
    • One blade micro-serrated
    • Made of C60 carbon steel
    • Two straight, pointed blades
    • Extra-large "oblong" eye

    Thanks to a very favorable center of rotation these shears have very good leverage when cutting and an unusually high cutting efficiency right down into the tips. Both blades are not only connected with a simple screw, but with a high-precision axis that is running on one side in a large-area bearing, and on the other side, it`s lined with a crown nut.

    The bluish-black lining provides effective protection against abrasive wearing and presents an extremely resistant surface on the cutting edges whose hardness is about 2800 HV. The friction generated by cutting constantly causes the ceramic oxide layer to re-form.

    Up to 4 times higher service life at aramid fibres compared to other shears.

    We would recommend that you use individual models when handling aramid (as well as other synthetic fibres e.g. Dyneema®, Innegra™, Zylon® und Vectran®). Their cutting edges are exposed to other criteria than are those for use with carbon and glass fibre reinforcements. This will increase their cutting performance enormously

    This lining is highly resistant and withstands attack from both UV radiation and human perspiration. Owing to the considerably reduced coefficient of sliding friction, the Proton® shears cut easily and smoothly.

    The lining is chemically inert, meaning that surfaces with this lining exhibit far lower adhesive properties than surfaces without – a considerable advantage for practical applications with wet laminates.

    The Proton® shears can also be reground through R&G.

    Total length: 8" (21 cm)
    Cutting length: 3.3" (8.5 cm)
    Weight: 6.35 oz (180 g)

    Please avoid resin residues curing on the scissors. Clean the scissors carefully with acetone immediately after use.

    Further information about scissors/shears R&G eWiki for translation use the included google translator

    Aramid fibre shears Proton®, 21 cm / 8" length


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