Carbon round tube wound, 3k-TW (Ø 30 x 28) with threaded inserts

    2000 mm, twill weave, surface GLOSSY

    Carbon round tube wound, 3k-TW (Ø 30 x 28) with threaded inserts

    Assortment adjustment. This discontinued item is qualitatively perfect goods without defects. Sale while stocks last.

    CFRP tubes with improved screw inserts (longer and with greater thread pitch).

    Wrapped round tube made of 3k twill weave carbon fabric and epoxy resin with a surface in an excellent, glossy finish.

    • Good strength and stiffness
    • Low weight
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Low thermal expansion

    One side with glued-in aluminium internal thread, opposite side with glued-in aluminium external thread. This allows the tubes to be screwed together and extended as required.
    Improved bonding of the thread inserts through a 2-component epoxy resin adhesive with high tensile shear strength.

    Thread dimensions:

    External thread:
    M25 x 3
    40 mm
    Length of the glued-in section:
    50 mm

    Internal thread:
    M25 x 3
    Matching the external thread
    Total length of the glued-in insert:
    50 mm

    Wall thickness:
    1 mm

    Heat resistance: up to 120 °C

    For transmission of longitudinal forces: Holding rods, link rods, coupling rods, telescopic construction, or for any other rod construction (exhibition construction, displays).

    Carbon round tube, wound, 3k-TW (Ø 30 x 28) x 2000 mm with threaded inserts


    Weight: approx. 380 g, wall thickness: 1.0 mm

    Item no.  743028-200-GT-MG 14 in stock  (delivery time 1-2 days)

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