CFK-Rundrohre pullwinded (Ø 20 / 14)

    CFK-Rundrohre pullwinded (Ø 20 / 14)

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    Pullwinded carbon fibre tubes, fibre orientation mainly longitudinal (single direction) + torsion reinforcement. Excellent tensile strength, resistance to pressure and flexural strength.

    Lightweight, high strength, excellent corrosion and heat resistance and electrical conductivity.

    Due to the manufacturing process, the surface of these tubes is not absolutely smooth. The carbon fibres of the outer torsion layers are visible and can be slightly felt.

    Deviation in diameter ± 0.2 mm. As a rule, the deviation from the straightness is not more than 1 mm/m.

    The pipes' surface should not be ground, as this damages, the upper layers of fibre and the pipe loses its strength. However, if a pipe still needs to be ground, e. g. for bonding, then one should proceed very carefully in order to damage as few fibres as possible.

    Please note:
    Internal release agents are used in the pultrusion process, which migrates to the surface of the part. Due to this bonding surfaces have to be roughened very thoroughly.

    Carbon round tube -PULLWINDING- (Ø 20 / 14) x 1000 mm


    weight approx. 270 g

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    Carbon round tube -PULLWINDING- (Ø 20 / 14) x 1500 mm


    weight approx. 400 g

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    Hazards identification - CFK-Rundrohre pullwinded (Ø 20 / 14)

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