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R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

Akaflieg Karlsruhe

Protectors for surfboards

High-quality and noble protection for sensitive board noses.
Super light, impact resistant carbon nose protectors, handmade in Germany.
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Build Motorcycle benches yourself

6-page article from Motorrad Classic, issue 9/2021
Download the magazine from the publisher (in german only)

Build & ride a wakeboard

Tutorial for building a lightweight wakeboard

MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b 2019

R&G supports the MCM Oktoberfest Cup F3b

Aachen Drone Development Initiative

R&G supports the ADDI

River tables from Julian Szmania

Used products


Duo Discus Scale 1:3

Fantastic model projekt

15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane

This channel presents key activities related to the development of a new, 15 m span, foot-launchable sailplane.


R&G supports Akaflieg Karlsruhe

Akaflieg Karlsruhe

altar of the Citykirche Aachen

There he survived all the centuries and wars - a misguided New Year's Eve rocket burned down the altar of the Citykirche Aachen built around 1526 in 2011.
The Bennemann restoration workshop in Cologne was commissioned to restore it - we were involved with materials and expertise.

R&G supports Akamodell Stuttgart

Akamodell Stuttgart

1st place Air Cargo Challenge

R&G supports the F3J-Team Germany

Link: F3J-Team Germany

Article about R&G's Epoxy Resin L in the Composite World

"Variable-axial composite open path to lighter composite structure"
Production of a recurve bow with the aim of saving 50-75 % in weight with higher strength and stiffness.

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R&G Fiber-reinforced composite
Performance enhancement and energy savings

  • Aerospace (gliders and airplanes)
  • Energy management (wind turbine blades)
  • Sports equipment (models, boats, kite- and snowboards, bows)
  • Medical technology (prostheses, orthoses)
  • Vehicle manufacturing (carbon fiber interior, tuning, bicycles)
  • Defense technology (repairs of boats/airplanes, police authorities)
  • Tool manufacturing (forms and fixtures)
  • Museum technology (silicone mould, replicas, restoration)
  • Aquatic technology (artificial landscapes, garden ponds)
  • Art (silicone mould, replicas)
  • Education (schools, camber of crafts, technical college, universities)

Main focus is on epoxy resins and fiber reinforcements, especially carbon and glass fibers as well as aramid. We offer over 40 years of experience in the lightweight construction with carbon fiber (CRP) and glass fiber (GRP).

A very large warehouse and good infrastructure allow fast deliveries. Many customers rely on the just-in-time concept. Our online shop shows the availability of our products and gets updated regularly.

The materials are continuously changing to the most up to date technical standards: as we regularly review the formulations of epoxy resins and adjust them if appropriate and possible, in order to ensure maximum safety for the customer. The well-known epoxy resin L and corresponding hardeners have been undergone numerous improvements since its introduction in 1980.

Also the range of fabrics, non-crimp fabrics, tapes and hoses is rapidly growing: the demand for carbon fibers increases and therefore more specific carbon products enter the market.

The carbon fiber semi-finished products have a significant value to R&G such as CRP-rods , -tubes and -profiles in many dimensions and cross sections. R&G always has over 30,000 m profiles in stock and the range is constantly expanding.