Resins are needed to produce a fibre composite. The resin gives the component its shape, while fibers made of glass, carbon (carbon) or aramid reinforce it.

    The fibres are embedded in the liquid reactive resin mass, e.g. as a fabric, and anchored in the resulting solid molded material during curing. Even complicated and large parts can be produced in a single operation with relatively little effort.


    Epoxy resins supplied by R&G have approvals from the German Federal Aviation Authority (aircraft construction), TÜV Süd (vehicle construction), Germanischer Lloyd (boat construction, wind turbine blades) and Cytox certificates (medical technology).

    Processing times:

    The processing times of the resins depend on the choice of hardener. Comparative data epoxy resins

    Application temperatures of the components:

    Cold-curing resins cure well at room temperature and can be thermally stressed up to approx. 60 °C. For higher application temperatures, the components must be additionally post-cured with heat. The service temperatures are then between 90 ° and 230 °C.

    Low temperatures down to approx. -100 °C is generally no problem. eWiki: Production of heatable molds and annealing chambers

    Properties epoxy resins:

    • Two-component systems resin + hardener
    • Very good adhesion to reinforcing fibers such as glass, aramid and carbon (carbon)
    • Very high strength in composite

    Shrinkage in the component: > 1
    Increased elongation at break:
    up to 8
    Service temperature of components:
    from approx. -100 to + 230 °C (depending on resin/hardener system)

    Properties of polyester resins:

    • Good adhesion to reinforcing fibers, especially glass
    • Low cost

    Shrinkage in the component: up to 3
    Elongation at break:
    > 3
    Service temperature of components:
    from approx. -100 to 160 °C (depending on resin/hardener system)

    Polyurethane properties:

    • Hard-elastic, low-shrinkage fast-casting resins (12 minutes)
    • Closed-cell, flame-retardant foams

    Applications of fiber composites, especially epoxy resins