Peel ply fabric made of polyamide (PA 6 / nylon) and polyester.

    When laminating together or applying additional fabric layers to laminates, or when bonding two laminates, the surfaces must be free of grease, clean, and roughened. This is often done by labor-intensive and time-consuming sanding or sandblasting of the relevant surfaces, with the dust posing additional health risks. In order to protect the laminate surface from contamination and save on sanding costs, a peel ply can be applied as the final layer. Peel ply does not form a bond with the actual laminate. They are completely removed before further processing. To make it easier to see whether the peel ply has been removed, it is equipped with colored identification threads. The rough surface resulting after the peel ply has been removed is clean and suitable for gluing and laminating without further treatment.

    R&G Abreißgewebe

    Application examples

    • Protection against soiling of parts and adhesive surfaces of any kind until further processing during storage and transport.
    • Production of non-slip, rough standing surfaces, e.g. for surfboards, sailing boats, refrigerated containers.
    • In the vacuum process as a cover for load-bearing laminates, so that the absorbent layer does not stick to the laminate.
    • Protection of the UP resin surface from atmospheric oxygen, which hinders the polymerization of the surface and keeps it sticky.
    • Protection of the EP resin surface, as bonding difficulties, can occur after only 24 h when bonding or applying further fabric layers.