Processing time
    • up to 60 min
    • 60 - 120 min
    • above 120 min
    Heat resistance
    • up to 70 °C
    • up to 120 °C
    • above 120 °C
    Certificates etc.
    • Aero
    • GL (Boats / wind turbine blades)
    • TÜV (automotive)
    • Cytox (skin compatible)
    • chemical resistant
    • Set of two components
    • single comp. Resin/Hardener
    • only resins
    • only hardeners
    • colourless transparent
    • slightly yellowish
    • slightly bluish
    • black

    More Information: Glues can be found here

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    Important note on the supply situation for epoxy hardeners

    Unfortunately, precursors for epoxy hardeners are currently also becoming scarce and more expensive. The European amine plants are working to capacity and there are almost no more import possibilities. Price increases have already been announced.

    We will try to bridge this period without major supply bottlenecks by timely and extensive stocking.

    Your R&G Team