Aluminium V-Roller (Bubble Buster)

    Aluminium V-Roller (Bubble Buster)

    Tool for the production of high-quality laminates.

    Width: 100 mm
    21 mm
    Total length:
    26.5 cm

    Material: Aluminium

    With the Aluminium V-Roller the fibers and the resin are pressed into the mold, thus the laminates are vented completely.

    A combination of the conventional paddle design with a "V" notch reduces the spraying at the application.

    Particular caution is required in the processing of carbon fibers, since these fabrics are delicate.

    Aluminium V-Roller (Bubble Buster), 100 mm/ Ø 21 mm / L: 26.5 cm


    Width: 100 mm, diamenter: 21 mm

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