Desiccator (PP/PC / 2.15 liter / Ø 150 mm)

Desiccator (PP/PC / 2.15 liter / Ø 150 mm)

Implosion-proof PP/PC desiccators with a volume of 2.15 l will take vacuum of -986.7 mbar with loss (absolute zero: -1013 mbar) not exceeding 26.7 mbar in 24 hours.

Volume: 2.15 l
Diameter: approx. 150 mm
Outer height: approx. 190 mm
Inner height: approx. 135 mm

Max. temperature range: 50 °C

The upper transparent cover is made of polycarbonate and is connected to the lower part made of polypropylene. The upper and lower parts are fitted with a neoprene sealing ring and a fine adjustment needle valve made of polycarbonate. By turning it slightly, the air can be let in without turbulence.

Usage instructions:

  1. Remove the polycarbonate cover - insert the samples in the pan.
  2. Open the valve - connect the pump hose and vacuum pump to the needle valve (plug on) and suck out the air.
  3. Once the vacuum has been reached, the sealing valve can be closed.

Valve for hose with inner-Ø 10 mm, for the connection of a tube with inner-Ø 6 mm please order the adapter set (item no. 390 104-RS) separately.

The desiccator PP / PC is supplied without a perforated plate, which is not required if the desiccator is only used for the venting of resins or silicones. On the one hand, perforated plates serve to enlarge the supporting surface; on the other hand, they are required if substances are to be dried in the desiccator. If a perforated plate is used, the usable height of the desiccator 2.15 litres is approx. 30-60 mm inside (depending on the width of the vessel).


Desiccator (PP/PC / 2.15 liter / Ø 150 mm)

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