Wing-connector: Glass / CARBON tube (31.2/ 30) x 800 mm

Wing-connector: Glass / CARBON tube (31.2/ 30) x 800 mm

Wing-connector with GFRP sleeve and CFRP tube

The Wing-connector system consists of one GFRP wing joining tube (outside) and one CFRP wing tube (inside), they are high-quality made and accurately fitting. The GFRP tube fits completely over the CFRP tube, the wing connector is therefore telescopic.

The outer GFRP tube has a rough grooved surface which ensures better adhesion in the fuselage and wing. The inner CFRP tube is ground to fit, and thus provides a snug fit in the outer GFRP tube.

GFRP tube (outside tube) outer-Ø 31.2 mm, wall thickness 0.6 mm, length 800 mm
CFRP tube (inside the tube) outer-Ø 30.0 mm, wall thickness 1 mm, length 800 mm

Wing-connector system for big model airplanes, e.g. it is used to plug the wings onto the fuselage.
The Wing-connector system can only be delivered complete, the individual tubes are not available.

Lightweight, high strength, excellent corrosion and heat resistance, and electrical conductivity.


Wing-connector: Glass sleeve + Carbon tube, (31.2/ 30) x 800 mm

weight approx. 170 g

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