Vacuum sealing tape DARK GREY, 3.2 x 12.7 mm x 7.6 m (up to 210 °C)

    up to 210 °C, dark grey

    Vacuum sealing tape DARK GREY, 3.2 x 12.7 mm x 7.6 m (up to 210 °C)

    Especially for high temperatures

    Technical data:

    • Max. temperature: -40 to +210 °C
    • Colour: Dark grey
    • Measures: 3.2 x 12.7 mm x 7.6 m

    Permanently elastic sealing tape of synthetic rubber for fastening all types of vacuum films to the edges of moulds. On one side with removable backing film. Very well suited for sealing the openings in vacuum bags (film to film).

    Technical data:
    xtensibility: approx. 140 %, densitiy: 1,7 g/cm³

    Good adhesion to GRP, aluminium, steel, wood, other plastics incl. PE, good chemical resistance to diluted acids and alkalis, low resistance to organic solvents.

    Pre- and post-treatment of molds:
    For easier release of the sealing tape from the mold edge, we recommend treating the mold with a release agent beforehand. Minor residues of the sealing tape on the mold can be removed with a cloth and acetone.

    Vacuum Sealing tape DARK GREY, 3.2 x 12.7 mm (up to 210 °C) roll/ 7.6 m


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